CSIRT.net.za FAQs

Q: I’ve been a victim of an online scam or a cybercrime. Can I report the matter to CSIRT.net.za?

A: No. Please do not report any cybercrime incidents to CSIRT.net.za. Our mandate is to provide support and advice to Internet service providers who are members of CSIRT.net.za. We cannot provide any assistance to members of the public.

Q: Where can I report my cybercrime incident then?

A: That depends on what sort of incident it is:

  • Serious crimes must be reported to SAPS. See the next question for some advice on doing this.
  • If you don't want to report a crime, but wish to report possible online fraud, or suspicious activity, you can log a query with the national Cybersecurity Hub.
  • If you think you have been a victim of banking fraud, we recommend that you visit the Stay Safe section of SABRIC's website for advice on your specific problem.
  • If you want to report a problem web site that is hosted by an ISPA member, you might consider lodging a take-down notice.

Q: Can you give me some advice on how to report a cybercrime to SAPS?

We can offer the following tips:

  1. Draft an affidavit (sworn statement) which identifies you, the person who has committed a crime (if known) and the relevant facts.
  2. Include a clear statement that you require the matter to be investigated further.
  3. Take this to your closest police station to lay a charge. Ask for the matter to be referred to the cybercrime division.
  4. Make sure you obtain a reference (CAS) number and the details of the duty detective so that you can follow up.
  5. It is important to follow up continuously while being patient and polite – realise it may be up to you to ensure action is taken.

If an officer refuses to open a case, you should ask to talk to the shift commander to address the matter immediately. If unresolved, record the officer's name, date and time of incident. This information should then be reported to the SAPS service complaint centre.

Q: Is there somewhere I can report online harassment to?

South Africa has a Protection from Harassment Act (2013), which supports victims of harassment. This legislation also covers online harassment. The Women's Legal Centre has published A Simplified Guide to the Protection from Harassment Act. More details of the legislation and regulations is available on the Ellipsis website.

Here are some links for reporting harassment on various social media platforms: